Tuesday, February 25 – At the HinHuaSeua Area HealthCare Center
Dental Care: 67

Day One – “Healing Has Come”

This particular woman had been in pain for more than 10 years.  It all stemmed from going to visit a bad dentist for false teeth.  That dentist put in false “teeth” without properly extracting her old teeth and preparing for the false teeth.  For 10 years she’s had problems eating, and has generally been in pain for all that time.  Ever since, she’s had no chance for treatment, as her village has no dental clinic.  Our SFEF clinic truly restored a happy smile to her face.











Wednesday, February 26 – At the NaMuang Area HealthCare Center, VangVieng District
Dental Care: 87

Day Two – “Joining Together”

Local dentists joined hands with our SFEF team.

This elderly lady has been suffering with a tumor caused by tooth problems left untreated.  She lives far away from dental care, and thus she had no way to receive care for her ever-worsening problem.  Finally, it developed into a tumor and caused her great pain each and every day.  We felt so sad and so sorry for her.  If she had only received proper treatment beforehand, there would be no such suffering today.  Sadly, we could not do much for her other than try to encourage her to press on.






Thursday, February 27 – At the Feuang District Hospital
Dental Care: 118

Day Three – “The Sick Need a Doctor”

Today was brutally hot – and just so happened to be a day with many, many patients who were lined up, waiting for care, in many cases from morning until evening.  And to treat these masses?  Only two dentists from our team, and two more local dentists.  As we were packing up, an old man on an old motorcycle drove up and asked us to please pull his teeth because he was really hurting.  Our dentists were so tired after having treated more patients than any other day, but we decided to take care of this man so that his smile and happiness may return.

Friday, February 28 – At the HinHeub District Hospital
Dental Care: 108
Total : 380

Day Four – “Smiles for Everyone”

Today was the final day of our free dental clinics for the poor and disadvantaged.  We were very well received by the government ministry officials of Laos.  In the evening of this final day, we met with a young girl of nine, who had a swollen left eye.  Her mother told us that she had been having a toothache, and then her eye started swelling about three days prior.  She hadn’t been able to go to school because of the infected eye, and hadn’t been able to eat as well.

Dr. Sonchai performed an oral examination and discovered the reason for her eye infection came from another infection in her mouth.  She hadn’t been cleaning her teeth properly, and an infection occurred.  Not only her teeth, but also her gums were infected, leading to her swollen, infected eye.  He cleaned her teeth and gave her medicine for the infection, and we all felt so happy that both the young girl and her mother were ready to smile again.