In hind sight it’s easy to say don’t put yourself in danger for a lawn mower, but in the heat of the moment it was about taking a stand and saying, “I’m not going to be a victim.”

On a hot July afternoon in Odessa, Texas, Raquel Pineda was relaxing in front of the TV when she saw a shadow pass her window. Moving aside the curtains, she noticed two men loading her lawn mower into an SUV.

Angry over such a brazen act taking place in broad daylight, the 63-year-old grandmother chased the thieves, who dragged her, and the mower she’d grabbed by the handles, 25 feet down the street.

Although she prevented the theft, the mower was broken beyond repair and Raquel suffered scrapes to her limbs and had a tooth knocked out in the struggle. However, thanks to local TV station KWES 9 that carried her story, Raquel now has a new lawn mower, courtesy of Home Depot, and is the first Community Smile Project patient for the Midland, Texas, Monarch Dental office.