In Kumasi, Ghana our dental team visited the local Lutheran School to provide sealants for the children. Sealants, along with dental hygiene education, are one way that our team aims to help prevent dental health issues.

On November 5, Dr. Esther Mark and Mathew Boakye visited the local school to select the children who would benefit the most from the sealant program. Fifty children between the ages of nine and twelve were screened and selected to receive care.

On November 13, a team consisting of two doctors, one community oral health officer and three assistants set off to the school to provide the selected children with sealants.

The school nurse was so excited for the children to receive the dental care that she had organized extra children hoping that they could receive sealants as well. During the day, the team was able to treat 72 children and provide them with dental hygiene education.

Visits such as these help create dental health awareness and prevent future dental health issues. You too can help to increase dental health awareness and ensure a healthy smile for a child by donating to support our Ghana International Outpost .