On July 13-15, 2014 a team of 3 Lao doctors, 3 Thai assistants, and 7 Thai volunteers traveled to Petchaburi to visit a Karen Hill Tribe Village. Due to hard rain which caused some difficulty in travel, the project had to be started a day later.

The children in the area do not have good dental hygiene, some of them don’t even brush their teeth. Additionally, a majority of the population are refugees so they do not have ID cards, making it very difficult for them to be able to get health care. The team was able to treat 79 patients and hand out 250 sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste kindly donated by Colgate.


During the outreach, the team encountered one patient, Somchai, who had severe cavities in his front teeth. Somchai had these cavities for many years, making him embarrassed to smile. One of the doctors, Dr. Seelawan, was so kind to spend two and a half hours fixing Somchai’s teeth. He now has a beautiful smile and is proud to show his teeth to his friends and family!