In college, Mary Gallaher fainted and broke her three front teeth. She was devastated and knew her family didn’t have the money to get her teeth properly fixed. Fortunately, she was able to get a bridge to compensate for the missing teeth. Thirty-nine years later, Ms. Gallaher’s bridge broke, leaving her missing her front teeth again. Due to being on disability, Ms. Gallaher struggled with being able to replace her bridge. She visited numerous different dental offices and clinics, searching for a place that could finance her. Eventually, she visited Dr. Chaitra ShanthaGowda who could see the emotional pain that Ms. Gallaher was feeling.

Dr. Gowda desperately wanted to help Ms. Gallaher and provide her with a smile that she could be proud of so she nominated her to be part of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Community Smile Project. Ms. Gallaher is now receiving the care that she needs and being given the smile that she deserves. Thank you Dr. Gowda and team for helping to provide Ms. Gallaher with a bright, new smile!

Dr. Gowda and team at Monarch Dental