On July 3-4, 2014 our Nicaragua International Outpost in partnership with Acción Médica Cristiana conducted a two day dental outreach to La Dalia, Matagalpa. Dr. Alicia Reyes coordinated the outreach which visited Aguas Amarias Elementary Shool. Four other dentists, Dr. Dina Mendoza, Dr. Karen Cáceres, Dr. Ada Arguello and Dr. Anielka Arnuero joined in the outreach. Additionally, Edith Reyes, a fifth year dental student assisted in providing a successful outreach. During the outreach they were able to see 180 patients and perform 370 procedures!

One of the patients, 26 year old Magali Castillo Alm, was very grateful to receive much needed dental care. She told the dentists about how she was experiencing severe pain and discomfort from two of her molars. She previously sought treatment at many different dental clinics and was not able to afford to have someone remove them. Dr. Alicia Reyes and Dr. Karen Cáceres were able to provide her the care that she needed, relieving her of her suffering.

“Today, I thank God for the work that the dentists have done in collaboration with AMC, I thank the donors that have made this possible.” – Magali Castillo Alm.