Smiling girls in Paraguay as a result of free dental careThe mission of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation (“SFE Foundation”) is simple: To deliver “Smiles for Everyone!” by providing free dental care to those in need, both at home and around the world. This mission grew from a basic philosophy of Smile Brands Inc. to provide “smiles for everyone” including patients, affiliated providers and employees, as well as the community. Given the business of Smile Brands and the specialized skills of its affiliated dental providers, the Smile Brands team determined that an effective way to bring life to this philosophy was to provide dental care for under-served communities at no cost. This led to the development of the international dental mission trips supported by Smile Brands and the SFE Foundation. The SFE Foundation continues to deliver on this philanthropic work that Smile Brands began.

We believe this is the most effective use of the SFE Foundation’s resources, and a unique way to give back to people in need everywhere. Our mission is to ensure that “Smiles for Everyone” truly means everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or where they live.